(03) the sailing adventure…

Back in time, sailing was a means of transportation both for people, animals and goods. After Columbus discovery in 1492, it became the only possible connection between the old and new continents playing a major role both in the colonization process of North, Central and South America and the supply of precious materials and other raw products to Europe. During this long period of time sailing was more than just transportation, it was rather an adventure surrounded by many myths and legends…

Wooden sailboat Wallpapers HD 1280x720

This picture comes from googling classic sailboat on the web. I have flipped horizontally the original picture and enhanced its colors. I like the wooden boat navigating on clam waters in a dreamy sunset atmosphere…

bastia old harbor

©Marcos Delgado
This picture was taken in the old port of Bastia in northeast of Corsica. Bastia was our departure point for a one-week navigation between Corsica and Sardinia islands in Mai 2016. I love both the calm colorful view of the buildings and the boats in the port and the dramatic dark grey sky that unveils the storm that would very soon hit the island while navigating south towards Sardinia.

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