(05) spoil nature, you must not…


©Pete Ryan
This picture comes from googling wooden sailboat on the web. I have enhanced the colors of the original photo and cropped a little bit on the top and the bottom to adapt it to our website. The picture represents the wreckage of a small scale single mast wooden sailboat in what looks like the sea shore of a most probably northern country. The grey sky and the absence of vegetation reinforce the sense of abandon and the unstoppable degradation of the boat under the hostile weather conditions. I have chosen this picture as a reminder of our obligation not to spoil nature.


©Gemma Badesa
This picture was taken in Uzbekistan after the withdraw of waters in the sea of Aral in an unintended graveyard where abandoned ships are left to rust over dessert sand. It is hard to believe that once upon a time there was a fishing industry in the region…

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